The Girl Who Remembered Snow

Girl Who Remembered Snow  “At first, sometime magician Emma Passant sees no connection between the recent murder of her grandfather/guardian and her chance encounter with a handsome French stranger. But when the French is killed by the same gun that put a bullet in her grandfather, Emma thinks it more than coincidence. Her subsequent quest for the truth takes her to San Marcos, New York and Paris. Literate prose, exotic locations, and a complicated plot give rise to a powerful and entertaining work. Do not miss this one.

— Library Journal (Named by Library Journal as one of their top five mysteries of the year)

Mathes’ [second] novel is a real page-turner with a genuinely surprising ending. — Stuart Miller, Boemmadragonoklist

Defies easy categorization…. Very unusual and entertaining.
MLB News

Mathes has a real talent. He creates a bakers dozen of interesting people and stitches them together with a wide-ranging and highly imaginative plot…. It’s a wonderfully exciting adventure with a thoroughly likeable heroine.
The Armchair Detective

A solid follow-up to the author’s debut, The Girl With the Phony Name.
Kirkus Reviews